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My parents needed help deciding if they should take on a home improvement project. DYI Advisor Pro gave the them unbiased advice and the support they needed to decide to go forward. The Advisor did project research before arriving, was easy to talk to, knew his stuff, and was willing to give as little or as much time needed to make their project a success. Confidence and professional support. Well worth the price.

Review on 6/17/2013

Had a very satisfying and productive session that built my confidence & desire to move forward with my project. A valuable service that tailored its input to my specific needs and offered ongoing support. Highly recommended.

Review on 6/16/2013

I gave my husband a 3 hour DIY consultation for Valentines Day. He loved it! He finally learned how to use all those tools that were collecting dust in the garage (even though he said he knew how to use them already). And he showed him how to get started on the built-in book case which he just finished.

Sarah T. on 3/29/2013

My husband kept on telling me he would get around to putting some shelving in our closets. Unfortunately, he didn't know how to get started. I finally called DIY Advisor Pro. A two hour consultation was all it took. John showed my husband what materials to build and some simple techniques. I had my shelves the next week.

Jill C. on 5/24/2013

These guys are great. I used them to show me how to refinish an old walnut dining table. IT LOOKS BRAND NEW!!

Neill J. on 2/22/2013

I have used DIY Advisor Pro for several projects. They have been incredibly helpful for me. I'm working with them now on building outdoor furniture.

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